Doug Haass Photography

    Photography is a passion for me. This is the single most used phrase I reply with when asked if I like taking pictures. Not just any pictures; landscape, scenic, nature, wildlife, and macro are types of photography that I focus on when shooting outdoors. Recently I have developed an interest in street and portrait photography. There is something about connecting with an individual at a personal level that appeals to me.

    I shoot with all digital Canon cameras and lenses. I mention this only because people want to know. I own several Canon film cameras, but have not picked one up since I bought my first digital camera. Nikon has great equipment, as do other manufacturers, but the equipment by itself does not create a great photo. The photographer's skill and vision is what makes a great photo.

    Photography is highly subjective, what pleases one person may not please another. Make yourself happy with what you shoot, and if you are passionate about it, others will enjoy it too. I hope this site inspires you to get out and take pictures, whether on vacation in a national park, in your own back yard, or just driving around.